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Dropshipping in Cyprus & Greece with TshirtJunkies

by Tshirt Junkies 28 Dec 2023
Dropshipping in Cyprus & Greece with TshirtJunkies

Dropshipping, a business model where a third-party supplier handles manufacturing and shipping, has become a significant player in the ecommerce arena. In 2023, the global dropshipping market reached a staggering $243.43 billion and is projected to hit $301.11 billion in 2024. This growth trajectory, however, comes with intense competition. TshirtJunkies comprehensive guide on dropshipping offers valuable insights into this thriving business model, covering various aspects from its definition, operation, pros and cons, to its profitability and legal considerations.

How Does Dropshipping Work?

Dropshipping involves several key steps:

  1. Finding a Niche: Identifying a specific market segment based on customer interests and potential profitability.
  2. Naming and Registering Your Business: Choosing a memorable name and deciding on the business structure.
  3. Finding a Supplier: Selecting a supplier based on criteria like fulfillment times, shipping efficiency, and customer reviews. Ideal for the Cyprus and Greek market will be to partner with as it fulfills all orders between 1-2 working days. 
  4. Setting Up an Online Store: Choosing between an ecommerce marketplace or a standalone website.
  5. Connecting the Store to the Supplier: Automating order fulfillment by integrating your store with the supplier.
  6. Adding Products and Pricing Strategy: Selecting products from the supplier’s catalog and setting prices considering all costs.
  7. Preparing Product Photos and Descriptions: Creating compelling visuals and descriptions to attract customers.
  8. Marketing Your Business: Implementing strategies like social media, SEO, and email marketing to drive sales.

Pros and Cons of Dropshipping


  • Easy Setup: Dropshipping is accessible even for those new to ecommerce.
  • Low Financial Risk: It requires minimal upfront investment compared to traditional business models.
  • Flexibility: Easy to adapt and change business direction or product catalog.
  • Fast Market Entry: Quick turnaround from idea to market presence.


  • Low Profit Margins: Intense competition may lead to reduced pricing and profits.
  • Limited Product Choices: Dependence on supplier’s product selection.
  • Lack of Production Control: Reliance on supplier’s quality and efficiency.
  • Responsibility: The business owner bears the brunt of any supplier-related issues.

Is Dropshipping Profitable and Legal?

Dropshipping can be profitable, but it requires effort and strategic planning. It involves increasing product value, choosing a specific niche, laying out a strong marketing plan, and leveraging SEO. As for legality, dropshipping is a legitimate business model, but it's essential to comply with local laws regarding business registration and taxes.

Dropshipping with TshirtJunkies

TshirtJunkies, is a print-on-demand company, offers customized dropshipping products and order fulfillment services. They provide benefits like product customization, high-quality sourcing, efficient shipping, and free design tools, making them a competitive choice for aspiring dropshippers.

Conclusion: Is Dropshipping Worth Pursuing in 2024?

Dropshipping remains a viable and potentially profitable business model in 2024. With the right approach, including thorough market research and effective marketing, entrepreneurs can successfully navigate the competitive landscape of ecommerce through dropshipping.

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